Brendan Melanson

On August 31st of 2012, our Company Member and dear, dear friend, Brendan Melanson, passed away.
Brendan was involved with Steep since the very beginning and has been as responsible as anyone else for where the company is today. That is praise as well as indictment. 
Brendan appeared in countless Steep shows over  12 years and had a hand in every monumental step the company has taken: he appeared in our first show, built our first theater, appeared in the first show in our first theater, built our second theater, and appeared in our first show in that theater. It seemed he was either in costume or covered in drywall dust and black paint for 12 years.
Some shows that Brendan would surely like us to mention: our first - Life During Wartime, Geography of a Horse Dreamer, The Job, Howie the Rookie, Dealer's Choice, Below the Belt, Of Mice and Men, Harper Regan, and 2,000 Feet Away.
We like to think of ourselves as a family at Steep and Brendan was our biggest, craziest brother. He was the embodiment and the spirit of everything that makes us who we are. We miss him dearly.

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Dealer's Choice
Below the Belt
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Geography of a Horse Dreamer
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