Seven Days

A World Premiere
By Egan Reich, directed by Jim Poole

A reclusive man travels to the train depot at end of the line to greet a bride he's never met. When the train arrives and his bride isn't on it, he finds himself stranded and surrounded by thieves, autocrats, artists, vamps and gunslingers, causing him to wonder: in a dry and depraved land, is it possible to start again?

October 2008

Artistic Team

James Allen
Jonathan Edwards
Alex Gillmor
Brendan Melanson
Peter Moore
Caroline Neff
Melissa Riemer
Julia Siple
Lauren Goode
Valarie Gorman
Denice Lee
Michael Rice
Sarah Strasser

Playwright: Egan Reich
Director: Jim Poole
Stage Manager: Tim Burhenne
Scenic Design: Joe Reich & Joe Schneider
Costume Design: Darlene Schillaci
Lighting Design: Mike Stanfill
Production Manager: Julia Siple
Assistant Director: Tim Burhenne