Greensboro: A Requiem

A Chicago Premiere
By Emily Mann, directed by Brad Akin

November 3rd, 1979. Five demonstrators are shot and killed by members of the Nazi party and KKK. The entire event is televised. No attacker is ever convicted. This is a story about violence, injustice, and the politics of race. This is the story of an American tragedy.

May 2008

In the press

Jeff Recommended
Four Stars!
Four out of Four Stars!
"Akin's fluid, minimalist staging allows the ensemble to shine."
- Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago
Highly Recommended
"...a threnody of sorrow, rage, and regret runs through the script, and Akin's cast captures this still-overlooked dark chapter with grace and power."
- Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader

Artistic Team

Alex Gillmor
Brendan Melanson
Peter Moore
Lauren Goode
Susie Griffith
France Jean-Baptiste
Lily Mojekwu
Sean Nix
Jon Sharlow
Jude Willis
Erin Wilson
Laurens Wilson

Director: Brad Akin
Stage Manager: Vicky Vegh
Scenic Design: Brad Akin & Danielle Paz
Lighting Design: Kevin Shaw
Costume Design: Izumi Inaba
Production/Sound Design: Mike Tutaj
Production Managers: Caroline Neff, Melissa Riemer
& Julia Siple