Patricia Donegan

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Patricia studied at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. After years of making "the rounds" and being called back or cast as her roommates mother or crazy aunt so&so, she decided to move back to Chicago and return to New York when she actually was the right age for those roles.
Once back in Chicago she thought she'd see what the "straight world" was like and for many years she did just that, always feeling totally out of sync. Finally, finally she began to dip her toes into the roaring waters of Chicago theatre and actually got work. She has been fortunate to have twice understudied Estelle Parsons and gone on in both Steppenwolf productions. There have been performances with many of the incredible Chicago off-Loop theatres including a number of shows with the Griffin Theatre, Shattered Globe, Strawdog and Remy-Bumppo to name a few. The first Steep play she was cast in was Book of Days directed by Brad Akin. It was a wonderful experience working with this amazing group of artists. Can you even imagine how it felt when invited to join their ensemble.
As the ever-so-wise Mr. Sondheim might say, she'd spent a lot of years "...putting it together" and now has achieved the honor of being part of a group of talented, committed and caring people who are really and truly devoted to what they do, how they do it and above all to each other. Home at last!

Steep Productions

Earthquakes in London
The Life and Sort of Death of Eric Argyle 
Making Noise Quietly 
Love and Money
Kill the Old and Torture Their Young
Book of Days