By Joseph Heller, directed by George Cederquist

Set in an American Air Force base on a tiny Mediterranean island at the close of World War II, Captain Yossarian tries to be certified insane so he can stop flying bombing missions and save his own life. But there's a catch, and that's Catch-22...

October 2005

In the press

"Steep pulls off Catch-22 one of a handful of companies in town that handles large-cast ensembles in tiny spaces with aplomb." 
- Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune
Critic's Choice
"Steep Theatre's staging of Catch-22 is smart and fast paced, and whole scenes that had been deadly dull in earlier shows spring to life..." 
- Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader
(# 2 in) "'Top Five Shows to See Now'.cannily exploits the company's gift for ensemble work."
- John Beer, New City Times

Artistic Team

Alex Gillmor
Brendan Melanson
Peter Moore
Jim Poole
James Elly
Matt Engle
Krista Forster
Larry Kennedy
Ray Kurut
Anderson Lawfer
Trey Maclin
Melissa Reimer
Bob Turton

Director: George Cederquist
Scenic Design: Sean McIntosh
Lighting Design: Tony Adams
Dramaturg: Dan Smith
Costume Design: Angela Conneran
Sound Design: Mike Janas
Stage Manager: Charlie Henry