Brad DeFabo Akin

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Brad Akin has been a proud Steep company member since the ensemble "jumped the shark" and invited him way back in '05. Born in the fine suburbs of Chicago, Brad spent eight years in the Purgatorial state of North Carolina before returning to Chicago to claim his rightful title of "Cap'n". While he swears to anyone who will listen that he's a director, most Steep fans will remember him from his acting performances, most notably as the charming but misunderstood cult leader Dougal Duggan in The Night Heron. However, it was Brad's "sharp" and "unpretentious" staging of Lanford Wilson's Book of Days that finally convinced the company to take a gamble and ask him to join, thus heralding their eventual demise.
Before devoting himself to the downfall of Steep Theatre Company, the Cap'n studied at Northwestern University's renowned School of Communication (formerly Speech). During his epic academic career, Brad directed several productions both on campus and in the Chicago area, such as Sam Shepard's Chicago, Rat in the Skull, Waiting for Godot, and This Lime Tree Bower. He also managed to completely demolish at least one theatre company through incompetent leadership (which will undoubtedly be seen as an unheeded omen once Steep dies).
Since graduating, Brad has directed productions as far away as Waukegan, Palos Hills, and New York City. He is proud to say that he has directed two plays and a reading that were all set in the 1980's, a decade during which he was barely conscious. He is less proud of the fact that he consciously staged the rape of a fourteen year-old girl in a way which made Fringe NYC audiences laugh. However, he will be most proud when Steep has experienced its foretold ruination and he can finally get back to being a patent clerk.

Steep Productions

The Few
The Cheats
strangers, babies
Under the Blue Sky
A Brief History of Helen of Troy
Greensboro: A Requiem
Breathing Corpses
Otherwise Engaged
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot 
Bang The Drum Slowly
The Night Heron
Book of Days
Incident at Vichy