The Time Trial

By Jack Gilhooley, directed by Lauren Golanty

Set in rural America, seven longtime friends gather to welcome home a local car-racing hero in a story about the limitations of longtime friendships and the ties that bind us to home.

May 2004

In the press

"This troupe reminds me of Steppenwolf back in their early days as Steep tackles ensemble works in a gritty reality based effort. Performed flawlessly by Steep's talented ensemble and smoothly paced, "The Time Trial" is an effective play full of dark humor and pathetic characters. This entertaining play makes me glad I grew up in Chicago where culture and art flourish."
- Tom Williams,
"This Steep Theatre production scorns easy hee-haw mockery. Each actor delves their character's struggle with pain, despair and self-destruction slow and erosive, or swift and final."
- Mary Shen Barnidge

Artistic Team

Alex Gillmor
Peter Moore
Kelli Cousins
Anderson Lawfer
Michael Rice
Sadie Rogers
Liz Warton

Director: Lauren Golanty
Scenic and Lighting Design: Tony Adams