The Hothouse

By Harold Pinter, directed by Michael Rice

In a government-run mental institution, a sinister murder plot is hatched against a backdrop of corruption, sexual favors and hopeless bureaucratic ineptitude.

August 2003, in repertory with Below the Belt

In the press

Highly Recommended
".the folks at Steep Theatre do a great job, squeezing all the drama they can out of the script..impressive."
- Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader
Highly Recommended
".Steep Theatre Company's ruthless electric energy arced and crackled the air in Harold Pinter's The Hothouse."
- David McKinney,

Artistic Team

Tony Adams
Alex Gillmor
Peter Moore
John Wilson
Jennifer Paige
Jim Poole
Bill Redding

Director: Michael Rice
Scenic Design: John Wilson
Lighting Design: Kevin Shaw