Kill the Old Torture Their Young

A Midwest Premiere
By David Harrower, directed by Kathryn Walsh

A lauded documentary filmmaker returns to his hometown to make a film about the city and its inhabitants' lives – a film to put them back on the map. But the people have routines to keep, emotional barriers to maintain, and rote pleasantries to exchange, all designed to protect the lives they've scraped together. The question: is there any existence here worth documenting?

October 2009

In the press

One of the "Ten Most Anticipated Shows" of the Fall
- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
One of the "Shows to Watch For" this Fall
- Kris Vire, Timeout Chicago

Artistic Team

James Allen
Peter Moore
Jim Poole
Julia Siple
Patricia Donegan
Dereck Garner
Leonard Kraft
Niall McGinty
Bronwen Prosser

Director: Kathryn Walsh
Production Manager: Julia Siple
Stage Manager: Jen Poulin
Scenic Design: Dan Stratton
Lighting Design: Samantha Szigeti
Costume Design: Melissa Torchia
Sound Design: M. Florian Staab
Fight Choreographer: Joey de Bettencourt
Assistant Director: Alex Hugh Brown