Evan & Mary-Jane
Humans (Mostly)
Slow Haste
Jessica Mindrum
Derek Fawcett
Holiday Karaoke
Emily Nichols
Luke Henry
Alysha Monique
Bad Poetry Night
Second City Songwriters
Mandalas on Vinyl Records Class
Molly Coleman
Off Prompt
Christopher Dammann & The 3.5.7 Ensemble
The Winchesters
February 3, 7:30pm: Josh Rosen
February 4, 7:30pm: Alysha Monique
February 10, 7:30pm: Second City Songwriters
February 11, 7:30pm: Cleo Pockalipps presents: Drama Queenz
February 17, 7:30pm: Glitterbomb
February 24, 7:30pm: Rated TV MA
February 25, 7:30pm: The Winchesters
March 3, 7:30pm: Wic
April 28, 7:30pm: Josh Rosen
March 4, 7:30pm: Tague Zachary, Chrissi Rose Hartigan
March 10, 7:30pm: Tyranny of Dave: More Songs from the Forgotten Future
March 11, 7:30pm: Daughter Nikki
March 17, 7:30pm: Siblings
March 18, 7:30pm: Ken Ellis, Visual Art Reception
March 24, 7:30pm: Carlile
March 25, 7:30pm: The Winchesters, Dominick Vincent
March 31, 7:30pm: Michael and Colin host The You're So Special
April 1, 7:30pm: Cleo Pockalipps Presents: Drama Queenz
April 8, 7:30pm: Second City Songwriters
April 15, 7:30pm: Jacob Wilson/Candace Washburn duo
April 21, 7:30pm: Glitterbomb
April 22, 7:30pm: The Winchesters
April 28, 7:30pm: Karaoke Night
April 29, 7:30pm: Ruth & Ellaine Present "Not The Kind of Girl"
May 5, 7:30pm: Katie Bates with Michael Damani
May 6, 7:30pm: Alysha Monique
May 12, 7:30pm: Josh Rosen
May 19, 7:30pm: Andrew Ryan
May 20, 7:30pm: Nikki Morgan
May 26, 7:30pm: Tyranny of Dave
May 27, 7:30pm: The 3.5.7 Ensemble
June 2, 7:30pm: Laugh Track
June 3, 7:30pm: Daughter Nikki
June 10, 7:30pm: Vivian Garcia
June 16, 7:30pm: Jacob Wilson/Candace Washburn Duo
June 23, 7:30pm: Super Tasty: Bite-Sized
June 24, 6:30pm: Deborah Maris Lader, Artist Reception
June 24, 7:30pm: The Medium is the Messy Friend: Projection + Performance
July 1, 7:30pm: Karaoke with Captain Joel
July 4, 6-11pm: BYOVinyl Night
July 8, 7:30pm: Evan & Mary-Jane
July 15, 7:30pm: Carlile
July 21, 7:30pm: Michael & Colin Host The "You're So" Special - Home Away from Home
July 22, 7:30pm: Katie Bates and Michael Damani
July 28, 7:30pm: The Missy
July 29, 7:30pm: Cleo Pockalipps Presents Drama Queenz
August 4, 7:30pm: Christopher Dammann
Sunday, August 11: Christopher Dammann
Monday, August 12: Laugh Track
Sunday, August 18: Yomí
Monday, August 19: Josh Rosen
Sunday, August 25: Siblings
Monday, August 26: Boxcar Anniversary Show
Sunday, September 1: Christopher Dammann with Paul Giallorenzo and Avreeayl Ra
Monday, September 2: An Evening with Curt Oren
Sunday, September 8: Karaoke with Captain Joel
Monday, September 9: Alex Fisher
Sunday, September 15: Christopher Dammann with Mabel Kwan and Avreeayl Ra
Monday, September 16: Vivian Garcia
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