Kate Piatt-Eckert

Executive Director

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Kate doesn't remember a time when theatre wasn't one of the most important things in her life. She started stage managing as soon as she could see over the photocopier, and she has been passionately making lists that make plays ever since. After college, where she studied theatre and math, she moved to Chicago and stage managed at a variety of theatres across the city. She worked with Steep on two productions in 2006, and they stole a piece of her heart. They haven't given it back.

After stage managing for several years and traveling about a bit, Kate returned to grad school to find a way to fuse her two passions and help to bring fiscal sustainability and data-driven decision making to the scrappy, edgy theatres that she believes are fundamentally important to our human experience. Having found her way back to Chicago and to Steep, she now gets to live her dream of making theatre happen with math. 

"Steep produces some of the most beautiful and compelling work I've ever seen on stage, and it is an honor to have the opportunity to work with Steep's incredibly talented ensemble and committed board to bring this work to more people.  I have truly found my artistic home."

Kate has a B.A. from Reed College and a M.A.M. from Carnegie Mellon University.  She serves on the boards of the League of Chicago Theatres and the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and as the chair of the Edgewater Theatre District Committee.


Phone: 773-649-3186
Email: kate@steeptheatre.com

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