Executive Director, Kate Piatt-Eckert

Executive Director, Kate Piatt-Eckert

Thank you for being a member of the Steep family. You are part of an incredible community of people dedicated to embracing and exploring the complexity and idiosyncrasy of humanity.

Steep’s ensemble is drawn to stories that shed light on essential questions and examine the struggles and dreams that bring us together and sometimes threaten to tear us apart. As the train rattles by our storefront theatre, artists open up their hearts and their minds, and they invite us to feel their pain and their joy. They help us to share our own pain and joy with each other, and they remind us to choose compassion.

From the award-winning world premiere of Bobbie Clearly, to the deeply personal yet wildly epic Earthquakes in London, to the genre-bending thriller Hookman, we’ve explored new ways to harness the power of design and performance in our intimate space. This summer’s production of Lela & Co. is reaching new artistic heights and welcoming new audiences to the Steep community in what the Chicago Tribune described as “a flawless piece of work.”

This fall we’ll begin another season of powerful, intimate, compassionate theatre. I am honored and humbled to support the fearless artists of Steep, and I hope you will join me as we harness the power of curiosity and connection in creating our seventeenth season.